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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis Foundation

Many people are not familiar with our non-profit partner, the MS Foundation.  Click here for more information.  

We are thrilled with their support for Yoga Moves MS and all the money we raise is granted directly to Yoga Spirit Wellness to fund special therapeutic yoga classes for people with advanced MS.  

Beyond the fund raising, the MS Foundation offers some of the best information about MS that is available in addition to supporting a wide range of services to help people live better lives with MS.  Check them out.  www.msfocus.org

Thursday, September 24, 2009

What is Multiple Sclerosis and why yoga?

MS is an autoimmune disease with an estimated prevalence of between 400,000 and 500,000 people in the United States and 2.7 million worldwide. 18,000 people in Michigan are diagnosed with MS. 

Quality of life is known to be impaired in those with MS due to multiple factors, including physical disability, MS-associated fatigue, and pain. Weakness, spasticity (muscle stiffness or contraction), fatigue, ataxia (difficulty moving) and sensory loss, can lead to significant balance and mobility loss, with increased risk of falls.

The practice of yoga has been shown to improve balance, coordination, strength, and flexibility. Depression, anxiety, and decreased cognitive function are also common challenges faced by people with MS. Yogic breathing practices, meditation, and postures have been shown to decrease anxiety and depression, and increase subjective well-being, as well as cognitive function, in healthy populations and in people with a number of chronic diseases. The results of one randomized clinical trial of yoga for MS which has been published, case studies, and the experiences of many people, indicate that yoga is helpful for people with MS.

For more information about our MS yoga partner, Yoga Spirit Wellness www.yogaspiritwellness.com

Gratitude and our Yoga Moves MS Mission

I first want to say THANK YOU for all of your continued support for Yoga Moves MS. It is so meaningful to be part of a community of people working to enhance the quality of lives for people with MS who get so much out therapeutic yoga!  For most people MS is not a terminal illness, but MS can majorly disrupt the quality of life and can stop people from doing many things they need and want to do.

Your support and encouragement has helped people get through some very tough times.  Yoga and community truly DOES make a positive difference to enduring a life of limitations and challenge!! 

This year's fund raising event to be held Saturday, Nov. 14.   For more information about the event, visit 

Every dollar that we raise for the MSF is granted to Yoga Moves MS.  For more information about the MS Foundation go to:  www.msfocus.org
Join our team and help in enhancing the lives of those living with MS!  Every person's support counts.

2008 Yoga Moves MS Fundraiser

Take a look at last year's fund raiser and listen to the tunes of North Farmington's crooners, 6 Degrees North


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yoga Spirit Wellness and Therapeutic Yoga for MS

Yoga Spirit Wellness, offers in adaptive yoga classes which are designed to meet the needs of those with MS or other similar chronic conditions. Just as mainstream yoga is growing for people without physical challenges, therapeutic yoga is recognized as a practice for people with physical challenges to enhance their overall physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

Many with MS have not only work limitations but also can suffer from extensive financial expenses associated with their treatment. Individuals express the desire to practice Yoga for MS but are reluctant to do so even with costs held to a bare minimum.

You can read testimonials from students who attend Yoga for Health and Healing and Yoga for MS classes which will warm your hearts.

LC states, “These classes benefit me greatly. I have been dealing with MS for nearly 25 years, though most notably for the last 9. Yoga helps me lessen spasms and improve my balance significantly. The stretches are recovering my range of motion, particularly to my arms. I walk out of class more steadily, more energized and more serene. Besides it’s just fun.”

LW- “The benefits of this class for me are almost too numerous to list. Benefits are twofold, both physical and emotional. Just a few of the physical benefits of our class are:

- Stretching, strengthening the body, and improving muscle memory.
- Learning and performing exercises to improve balance.
- Trying and doing a variety of new movements and poses weekly.
- Receiving direction and assistance from Mindy and other yoga therapists.
- Classes are adaptive and flexible geared for each individual’s level of
performance for that day.

JK - "Mindy and the other women are encouraging and helpful, and still they understand when I have pushed to my limit for that day. Balance is a weak spot for me, so I really can appreciate how many different things I can do on the floor or in a chair or leaning against something else."

"I would like to not have MS. I wish that when I stand to walk, a miracle
would happen and I could walk and run just like I used to. However, when I
cross the threshold into the yoga studio, there is no judgment. We are all
the same, and this yoga class provides that respite and solace just for 2
hours, I am able to leave MS at the door for a short while.”

The MS Foundation supports research into the cause and cure of MS, as well as the investigation of various medical and complementary treatment options.